Officer and Coordinator Roles



  • Supports all board members, committee chairs and sub-club coordinators
  • Presides over the board meetings
  • Establishes the budgets for all events and meetings
  • Works with Event Coordinator(s) to plan and conduct monthly membership meetings/events
  • Responsible for reviewing all club media, i.e., “The Chatter” Newsletter, The PCWC
    Membership Directory, New Member Information packets, etc.
  • Acts as spokeswoman for the Club
  • Chairs the Kick-Off meeting committee, working with Board to plan this event which engages everyone in the PCWC for the upcoming year


  • Works with the President and Board Members to establish and report on event/activity financials, assists in establishing budgets for all club events, establishes the dues payment process and oversees the collection of all club monies.
  • Keep record of all transactions affecting the Club’s checking account on an on-going basis
  • Issue checks as requested on approval by the President or standing policy
  • Receive funds and deposit them on behalf of the Club
  • Receive monthly bank statements. Reconcile and balance ledgers against checks using Quicken

Membership Services Coordinator –

  • Collect membership forms and payment; sets deadline for renewal in the fall
  • Maintains the membership database, including notes on subclub participation and offers of help for committees/events
  • Works with the Newsletter Editor to produce the annual Membership Directory, including lists of babysitters, petsitters, etc.
  • Sends member lists to Electronic Services Coordinator to ensure yahoo group and evite lists are kept up to date after the fall renewal deadline has passed. Assists in validating requests to join the PCWC Online Yard Sale
  • Receives membership forms throughout the year from new members. Passes new member info along to the Newsletter Editor to ensure that new member information is published in the newsletter; and to yahoo, evite, and online yard sale coordinators.
  • Addresses any membership related concerns
  • Provides support to Sunshine Committee as needed

Newsletter Editor

  • Publishes the quarterly newsletter of the PCWC, “The Chatter”. This includes soliciting details from board members, committee chairs, and event hosts about upcoming events, creating features/filler where needed and setting deadlines as needed for timely publication.
  • Revises newsletter after proofing by President and other proofreaders; submit newsletter to publisher
  • Sorts, labels, and distributes newsletter to the “delivery corps” for mailbox delivery to the membership. Discuss other delivery options for those members living outside the delivery area
  • Works with the Membership Services Coordinator to publish the annual Membership Directory
  • Contacts advertisers at the start of each year to renew their advertisements, working with them to create/edit ads as necessary. Solicits new advertisements from within and outside of the membership

Events Coordinator

  • Works with sub-club chairs, committee chairs, and event hosts
  • Works with the President and Board to plan any year-long activity series/seminars
  • Create/update signup sheets for all community service committees, annual social events, sub-clubs, etc. and print them out for the kickoff meeting for signups
  • If vacancies occur after kickoff, send out requests via the yahoo group for help or hosting
  • Communicate all chairs and information to newsletter publisher for updating
  • Communicate event dates and details to webmaster for updating
  • Contact members that signed up to chair or host and give them contact information for their committee members and all names that were on the signup sheets
  • Give chairs budget allocation if applicable to event, and any historical info (food quantities, number of craft activities, etc.) to help them plan their event
  • Communicate with chair or host to schedule dates/times/places for events
  • Follow up with chair/hosts to make sure events are prepared, in need of anything, etc.
  • Help organize sub-clubs and keep them running smoothly, confirm membership, assist new ones in starting up, provide support as needed to sub-club chairs

Electronic Communication Coordinator

  • Keep yahoo group roster and evite contacts up to date, add/delete names at beginning of year (after the fall membership renewal deadline) and throughout the year as needed
  • Create evites with dates, times and important information for most events and send to all current members in contacts.
  • Follow up if there were problems with anyone receiving evites and yahoo messages
  • Communicate RSVP numbers to event committees as needed
  • Validate requests to join the PCWC Online Yard Sale (Facebook), removes individuals whose memberships have lapsed

Website Coordinator

  • Maintain the PCWC website with material supplied by the Board (event details, membership forms, committee chair lists, etc.) as needed